Introducing The Point Village Market at the O2, Dublin Docklands

Dublin City's newest Civic Space is to be presented by an all-star cast, of which VSC Events are delighted to be a part. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to derive maximum use of the space, the market commences Spring 2010 and will run from 8am-4.30pm Saturday & Sunday of every week. 

Click here for an overview of the design, layout, price plan and information about the market.

Our Agenda:

The Point Village Market encourages everything that the ‘Celtic Tiger' forgot, an outlet for all of the people most effected by the downturn, students, graduates, small local businesses, the unemployed, the foreign national the entrepreneur, street performers, buskers, film makers, writers, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers

Truly successful public markets become catalysts and centers of entire districts where a variety of places to shop, stroll and be entertained are found. The area becomes a place where people want to live. Public markets create a critical mass of activity that enhances an entire area. Dublin City does not have a weekend general retail market at present. We are probably the only European capital city without such an attraction. The placing of other attractions within the market space will add to its vibrancy, making it a key destination for the people of Dublin.

The Nuts and Bolts:

There will be 100 stalls at the market every weekend, some permanent some more transient. 30 stalls per week are being designated for the public, 15 of which are for anyone who wants to offload their bric a brac, spring clean their wardrobe or generally de-clutter their living space. The other 15 are being designated for students that hold a valid student card and have made the products that they are selling, these student stalls are free of charge and all of the public stalls are given on a first come first served basis.

The regular core stalls encompassing the remaining seventy units will be hand picked by VSC events, exercising a high level of quality control in programming a market that is more flea than Chi Chi, a sustainable, affordable, high quality, entertaining, three dimensional and colourful. Like Covent Garden in London, the Market envisaged is modern and vibrant, while recreating the charm of an old fashioned market place

This is not a farmers market, this is not a designer Mart, this is not a market filled with imported fake designer products, this is a cultural outlet, a space showcasing free outdoor concerts, free outdoor cinema, weekly exhibitions including; everything from Record Fairs, Dance Demos, Fashion Shows, Photography Festival, Bee Keeping, Antiques Road Show, Local Community Groups and Clubs, Kids Workshops, Art Exhibitions, Gardening Exbos, Adventure Travel...the list is endless and the sky is the limit!

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